Thursday, August 7, 2014

myFirstGame:(Released)Kachi Kachi

Its my first article for Kachi Kachi. I would be glad if you guys can give some idea to improved it.
Thank you!


Kachi Kachi is iPad game. We developed this game in 4 months for iPad user and its a free game . Every one want to know why ? .Here is the answer in our childhood  we used to play one game with unused object like broken glass ,broken bricks etc . How the game start we arranged these objects in way the one object is overlapped each other and these objects were loosely coupled to each other . Now you have  to removed the objects starting from the top objects and while removing the objects make sure that you are not going to disturb the other objects. That is how the game works .Dates back we indian find happens in small things and we say the world you don’t need to find any cause to be happy .This game will make you happy just that .Don’t need to put extra mind in the complex games just touch the top objects and be happy and for sure like us you will be also feel great after playing the game .Its simple and elegance all free only for iPad users !!!!!

Here is the video...

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  1. If this is indeed your first game, there's a future in this for you!